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I can't remember when I fell in love with photography, however I do remember when I found out I was addicted to it.

I was 18 and travelling around Australia with a digital camera, which back then at 3.2 megapixels was pretty sweet! Driving over 24,000 kms, taking photographs every day and loving the freedom, red dirt, coastline, rainforest and barren landscape that was all offered to me on a plate.

After that I returned to the UK, studied at university graduating with a BSc Hons degree in Sociology and Media, then hiked around Scotland, following which I went for a 6-week holiday in India which turned into a 6-month adventure from the most Southern tip to the far Nothern reaches ending up on a 50cc scooter until the road didn't exist, then proceeding on foot until I could see the Himalayan mountain range.

Upon my return to the UK I took various jobs, from working with adults with Down's Syndrome and autism to working in scrapyards, in order to bring money in whilst working on my portfolio; this led to me being offered a work experience placement at The Guardian newspaper in London. Following my placement at The Guardian I was offered a job as a Photojournalist for a National Press Agency based in Scotland called NorthScot. While there my images were regularly published in every national newspaper publication in the UK, including The Guardian, The Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Sun, The Daily Mail, as well as many others.

After a year at NorthScot, and having become a little disillusioned with the UK journalism industry, I decided to go my own way and spent time working and travelling around the South Pacific, Australia and New Zealand to see more of the world again, whilst working on my portfolio.

I love to capture images that show meaning behind the person or the place, whether it is a politician lying through their teeth, a lead singer of a band demanding the attention and gratitude of thousands, or a homeless and parentless child on the streets of India.


  • Vancouver & International Wedding Photojournalist


  • Photoshop
  • Adobe Light Room
  • Mac and PC literate.